Serrapeptase, nattokinase, wobenzym review for endometriosis pain

In my research about endometriosis pain management, I have read about some endo bloggers who used systemic enzymes with great success. The ones most talked about are serrapeptase, nattokinase and wobenzym. Those who have tried them reported being finally pain free so I did more research and decided to take them.

These are the ones I am currently taking on a daily basis. They must be taken on an empty stomach (I take them 90 minutes before breakfast and just before going to sleep at night). You can buy them on amazon.

systemic enzymes

Endo pain is usually worst for me during menstruation, when the pain level is at 10 for up to 7 days, during those days I usually need a morphine injection (at the hospital) or a 100mg diclofenac suppository every day and every night.

These are my experiences taking systemic enzymes:

The 1st month:

  • I took 2 tablets of serrapeptase 90 minutes before breakfast (every day during the whole month).
  • Period is very heavy as before with clots. Pain reduction during menstruation was 30%. I still had to take my usual pain killer for 3 days (100mg diclofenac suppository) in addition to using a heated wheat pad for pain relief.

The 2nd month:

  • I took 2 tablets of serrapeptase and 2 tablets of nattokinase together 90 minutes before breakfast (every day during the whole month).
  • Period is heavy and still with clots. Pain reduction during menstruation was 70%. I didn’t need any prescription pain medication. I only had to take paracetamol and 8mg co-codamol for 3 days in addition to using a heated wheat pad for pain relief.

The 3rd month:

  • I took 2 tablets of serrapeptase, 2 tablets of nattokinase, 2 tablets of wobenzyme, all together once in the morning (90 minutes before breakfast) and the same dosage again before going to bed at night (every day during the whole month). This is the dosage I still take as of today (total of 12 enzymes every day).
  • Period is now normal but still have clots. Pain reduction during menstruation was 90%. I didn’t need to take any pain relief medication at all (not even paracetamol). I just used a heated wheat pad for pain relief. 70% of the pain I felt were like normal period pain, there was one occasion when I had intense endo pain at level 8, but it only lasted for 10 minutes and was eased with the heated pad.

Intense pain is a sign of inflammation and as systemic enzymes deal directly with the inflammation, it is no wonder that they are able to dramatically reduce the endo pain that occurs during menstruation. I think that the enzymes are tackling all my endo pain during the whole month that are caused by inflammation. There are however other endo pain (not caused by inflammation), which I still have during the rest of the month, that I am still in the process of finding natural relief for – at this time I am using a heated wheat pad and 2 paracetamol with one 15mg co-codamol tablets as needed (my prescription was initially a 2x30mg co-codamol, but since last month I found that I only need half of one tablet so I just divide the 30mg tablet into 2).

So to recap, I am very happy with serrapeptase, nattokinase and wobenzym. I find them miraculous for reducing endo pain that are caused by inflammation. They have other benefits (reducing internal endo scarring, preventing further adhesion, clearing blocked tubes etc) which are bound to help the endo condition in general, however they are not a cure (there is no cure according to the medical profession) so my research continues.

Systemic enzyme dosage is a very personal thing as it depends on the severity of your condition and pain. All articles that I have read recommend to start with a high dosage and then reduce the dosage once you are pain free. In this article, Dr James Howenstine MD recommends 15 or more enzyme tablets a day for patients with endometriosis.

Have you tried systemic enzyme for your endometriosis and had success with it? Please share your experiences. Or did you find something else that is also natural that is helping you a lot?


18 thoughts on “Serrapeptase, nattokinase, wobenzym review for endometriosis pain

  1. Have you had any issues with blood pressure? I have read on some sites that it can cause low blood pressure and mine is already low.


    • Hi, I haven’t had any issue with blood pressure. I have not experienced any side effect from the systemic enzymes. May be worth checking with your doctor to see if they are not going to affect your low blood pressure.


  2. I started using Serra a week ago and even though it’s such a short period of time, I can definitely see some changes in my body. I am more energized and I sleep so well! My old acne wounds seem to have cleared up after only a week on Serra (3 x 40,000 units). Yesterday after taking Serra, I started having a dull ache around my left ovary…It was gone by night time but I heard this may be an indication of Serra working… I don’t have cysts or anything so I know that can’t be it. I have been paying attention to my diet but I am not as strict as some other women. I figured I should take things slow and start small…I eliminated all processed foods including sugars from my diet and I don’t eat out at all. I am still having trouble giving up meat (red juicy delicious meats!) but I’m definitely eating less and less of it everyday. The thing is, I recently had a missed miscarriage just recently which means I have to wait till my HCG is down to get my period… I’m excited to see whether it helps with the pain but I am obviously not expecting miracles. I will wait a couple of months and keep adding the supplements mentioned in your blog to see how they help with the symptoms. Thanks for sharing!


    • I hope your pain reduces with serra, yes I also recommend nattonikase and wobenzym n. Keep us updated on your ttc journey, I am also hoping to get pregnant.


      • Thanks Lova, I actually stopped using serra but the endo diet is doing wonders for me so it’s not a total loss:) I’ll write some more on my ttc journey soon, keeping my fingers crossed for you! Baby dust to all future moms out there:D


  3. I used Endovan for 5 years . It was worked good for me, but little slow . Now I stoped it and started Serrapeptase alone, plus some vitamins and an antioxidant. You need Antioxidant , not only Serra or Natto alone. Antioxidant will prevent cells of transforming .


    • Yes, you are right, antioxidants are necessary. I try to eat food that have lots of antioxidants and also take some in a supplement form.


  4. I don’t have any pain now on abdomen, period no pains at all after Endovan used for 5 years. But my liver got inflamed due to Grean Tea extract from this product and I stop it now. I started Serra and I feel much energized. Brain pressure and eyes unclear vision was disappeared as an miracle ! My endo is on brain also… with bad vision, brain pressure, seizures. Now I feel great. You need a surgery to clear up your endo if you have so bad pains at menstruation. I had one and since then n pains to period. Probably you have the fallopian tubes blockage, so this give terrible pains when period come and in that days . I had a cyst on my fallopian tube and I remember this pains . Now no pains at all , probably Endovan also was great, containing Nattokinase and many other plants, but nothing is working forever, the body get used by it and then need find other solution.


    • Sorry to hear that your endo is also on the brain. A supplement for the liver is also highly recommended for those with endo. I already had 2 surgeries for the endo but am not keen on them because of the risk of adhesions. One of my fallopian tube was half blocked, but i am not in pain anymore and hope that it has been unblocked by the nattokinase, I am going to have a hycosy test to check them out soon.


      • Hi Krista, I took the enzymes everyday of the month. I stopped taking then as I wanted to try other supplements, I am currently trying a tincture of phytolacca decandra (pokeweed) and will report on the progress/result on the blog soon.


  5. All this is fantastic but just been diagnosed with gallbladder stone, could I still use all these with the endometriosis, cysts and beginning of a fibroid xx


    • Hi Ann, thanks for your comment and sorry for my late reply. I cannot give you advice as I don’t have gallbladder stone/cysts and fibroid so don’t know how these systemic enzymes will affect those conditions.


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