My endometriosis protocol

I thought I would share with you what has worked for me in terms of managing my endometriosis.

I had struggled with agonising endo pain (level 10 pain) for a very long time and it is only last year that I have decided to make peace with this condition. I let go of the anger, the frustration and the struggle. I have accepted that endometriosis was in my life and given that it is an incurable disease, there is no point in fighting it. I have instead decided to embrace it and most importantly to be grateful for my body and to send loving thoughts to my body, especially in times of physical pain.

That was a very important shift in my attitude towards endo and towards my body. I continued to educate myself about it (plenty of books and internet readings) and worked out what I wanted from this experience. It was shortly after that, that I stumbled on systemic enzymes (serrapeptase, nattokinase, wobenzym N), which gave me the most dramatic results in reducing endo pain. And now, I am nearly pain free.

Below is the book that helped me most: Endometriosis and other pelvic pain by Dr Susan Evans. I learned more from it that from my consultant at the hospital where I was treated. I learned that there are several kinds of pelvic pains that people with endometriosis have. The author discusses in details what medication works best for what pain. If you know what kind of pains you have (instead of just saying to the doctor that you have endometriosis pain) then you can ask for what may help you most. I had been on lots of different pain killers which hardly made a dent in the pain, and I ended up in emergencies at the hopsital several times because I was still in agony even though I was pumped up with the strongest pain killers, it was there that I was offered morphine injections. Morphine works but I was not keen on it.

You can download a fab free e-book if you click on the picture below:

endometriosis book dr susan evans

It is only after reading this book that I learned that the best pain medication for me was the 100mg diclofenac suppository. I requested a prescription from my gp, and indeed the suppository worked. Finished were the trips to the emergencies along with the morphine injections.

Well, the diclofenac suppository was a god send in terms of pain relief. But, it is not suitable for pregnant women or those trying to conceive (it says so in the leaflet). I have asked my gp about this and he said that it is ok to take it even if you are trying to conceive but you must stop taking it as soon as you know that you are pregnant. I didn’t feel comfortable with that answer as I was not keen on taking anything that may hinder my efforts to get pregnant. So, I continued to take it until I found systemic enzymes.

So these were my plan of actions/goals:

1. Optimal nourishment for a healthy and strong body:

  • plenty of vitamins via food and via nourishing infusions (as recommended by the herbalist Susun Weed). I make the infusions at home with dry herbs and boiling water, and try to drink a litre a day, I alternate between red clover, nettle, red raspberry leaves, oatstraw, comfrey, and alfafa. I buy the dry herbs from Justingredients on amazon uk.
  • endo diet: I am not very strict at following it, I mainly eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and fish. I don’t eat meat much and still have diary products. I try to eat home cooked meals as often as possible and only occasionally indulge in processed food
  • organic food as much as possible instead of non-organic, this is much easier in summer as I grow lots of fruits and vegs

2. Work toward a strong immune system:

  • astragalus tincture: 1/4 teaspoon in a little water, twice a day. I also buy this on amazon.
  • probiotic yoghurt, which I make at home

3. Hormonal support:

  • vitex tincture: 90 drops in a little water everyday of the month (30 minutes before eating breakfast), vitex has eliminated flooding during my menstruation. I buy it on amazon
  • dim: I alternate between this and this.
  • fish oil: 3000 mg a day
  • vitamin e oil: I prefer cold pressed wheat germ oil, usually the solgar brand, 1 capsule a day

4. Alleviate pain and hopefully become pain free:

  • systemic enzymes: 2 tablets of serrapeptase, 2 tablets of nattokinase, 2 tablets of wobenzyme N, all together once in the morning (90 minutes before breakfast) and the same dosage again before going to bed at night (every day during the whole month)
  • magnesium 500mg everyday
  • zinc citrate 30mg everyday, usually the solgar brand

There were other things that I tried but not in a consistent way to be able to monitor some results (pycnogenol, progesterone cream and castor oil pack).

Have you found anything that works for you? If yes please share in the comments below.