Thanks to those who sent me emails and left comments asking how I am doing.

I have now finished the 6 months fertility treatment and will have my last hopsital appointment next week. We only get 6 months fertility treatments on the NHS and if you want more you have to go private after that.

I am not pregnant, so the treatment did not work for me, but I am still glad that I went through it. The most positive thing that came out of it is that I discovered that Letrozole works for endometriosis pain. When I was treated for endometriosis in the past, no doctor suggested trying Letrozole, so this was an opportunity to try it for myself. There are still doctors who do no like prescribing it for fertility or for endometriosis as it was initially created as a breast cancer follow up treatment.

As, I was taking Letrozole for fertility, I started taking it for 5 days of the month (from cycle day 2 to day 6). After doing more research, I read about doctors prescribing it for 10 days for those who do not respond to just 5 days, so on the 6th month I took it for 10 days (from cycle day 2 to day 9).

For those who do not want to get pregnant and who just want to use it as an endo treatement, studies recommend taking it for the whole month. They also recommend taking elemental calcium 1000 mg and vitamin D 880 IU daily.

I did not get any side effect from it but some people do so it is worth being monitored by your doctor while taking it.

So what now? I still don’t have enough money to pay for the IVF ICSI with donated eggs. My parents have offered to help but I am afraid that it may not work and I am afraid of waisting their money for nothing. I have found 2 egg donors (family members) but they are over 35 and fertility clinics usually don’t accept donors over 35 years old, so I am still looking for a donor. I still have not found a clinic abroad (please let me know if you have been to any and had a successful result).

I have decided to take it easy (or at least to try) as I do not want to end up depressed by all of this. It is hard sometimes. I want to start accepting that maybe it will never happen. I do not want to give up but I want to let go of the pressure and the struggle. I want to trust that whatever happens, I will be fine.

For now, I will continue taking Letrozole as it is helping with the endo pain (5 days or 10 days and not the whole month).

Next time, I will talk more in details about the effects of Letrozole on my endo during those last 6 months.


DHEA and ubiquinol to help low AMH

So, as soon as I got the result of my AMH test, I started researching supplements that can help with the health of my eggs.

Medical opinions are very mixed in that matter. Some say there is nothing you can do to improve the health of your eggs and others believe that DHEA and ubiquinol can help.

There are no studies on humans for the ubiquinol but a study of mice by Dr. Robert Casper and colleagues at Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, showed that CoQ10 supplementation on mid-aged female mice resulted in more pregnancies and more babies per litter. “They found that when CoQ10 was given to 52-week-old mice – about mid-age for a mouse – their eggs appeared to rejuvenate. There were significantly more egg follicles in the old mice treated with the CoQ10…”

Ubiquinol is a better form of CoQ10. I have been taking a daily dose of 300mg of ubiquinol for about 2 months now, that is the equivalent of 600ml CoQ10. I buy it on amazon.

DSCN0076As for DHEA, I asked my consultant and my gyneocologist uncle about it and they both recommend it. Again, the medical profession has mixed opinions about it, some think it is worth taking and other think it does not affect egg health at all. The research I like the most is the one from CHR as they do use it with their patients so they have lots of experience with it. The thing to know is that it may help for those who are over 40, and for those have a low AMH level (even if they are under 40).

I have been taking a daily dose of 75mg of DHEA for about 2 months and a half now. I buy it from a pharmacy in France. I suggest you get it preferably from a pharmacy as they can compound it into a micronised version which is better absorbed by the body, alternatively you can also buy it direct from McPherson Labs or from www.healthmonthly.co.uk (make sure the one you buy is micronised). The only side effect I have is a very slight increase in acne, which I am OK with. One positive thing that I have also noticed is that DHEA does help with my feelings low, since last year this infertility issue has taken a toll on me and since taking the DHEA the number of times that I have felt low have greatly decreased. Here is a list of conditions that may be helped by DHEA supplementation, and depression is among them.

Other than that, I am still endometriosis pain free, thanks to taking letrozole 5 days a month. I will write about my 2nd cycle on letrozole next time.